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Beard Oil 50ml

Beard Oil 50ml


A quality moisturising beard Oil for the most adventurous of men. Formulated with only natural ingredients, there are no toxins or harmful chemicals - just 100% natural, healthy hold.


A carefully made blend of Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba oil, and Essential Oil, suitable for Vegans and tested on students, (not animals). Rugged Nature strive to create the most kind-to-skin and environmentally aware products, all while maintaining excellent qualities for products that really work for the practical man.



    Rugged Nature started as an endeavour to make both eco-conscious and sensitive-skin-friendly hair products, and now the formula is ready for everyone to enjoy their carefully prepared creations.


    50ml in a glass bottle and craft paper label.

    Choose from a 100% plastic free aluminium cap, or a plastic pipette which makes the oil slightly easier to use.


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