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Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue

Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue


Wild Tribe Heroes is the #1 children’s book series tackling the issue of ocean plastics. 


Buddy's Rainforest Rescue sends you on a lively treetop rainforest adventure amongst the trees, vines, colourful birds and insects Buddy the orangutan calls home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for when battles the noisy yellow creatures destroying his home.


Stunning artwork captures the imagination of young readers and brings to life the very real threat deforestation poses to our environment. The fourth book in the Wild Tribe Heroes collection, Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue shares a powerful message which invites children and adults alike to question their actions and the effects on our environment. Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue highlights to children the relationship between humans and wildlife, and the dangers animals face in their own natural habitats. It is a book which will inspire your own little Wild Tribe Hero to want to take care of nature and their environment by making changes to the world around them.


The Wild Tribe Heroes books have received personal letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles who are both extremely concerned about the issue of ocean plastics and are doing everything they can to help raise awareness. The books have been featured on the BBC, in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Huffington Post as well as numerous local newspapers, radio and TV and also featured in international podcasts, blogs and press.


Ellie Jackson has been shortlisted as a Finalist for the Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2018 which recognises the work of individuals and businesses who have had real success in raising awareness of the problem of ocean plastic. 

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