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7" cloth liner CSP

7" cloth liner CSP


7" liner - ideal for your lightest days or throughout the month. These gorgeous cloth pads are handmade in the UK by Eco Coachhouse and come in a range of patterns. The topping is 100% cotton, and the backing is PUL, making them thinner than fleece backed pads.


The Arachniphobia and Hello Pumpkin designs are made by cloth pads UK. They are 6" long and made from cotton topped with an absorbant core and soft fleece backing.


On average, 11000 disposable menstrual products will be used throughout your reproductive lifetime, costing around £5000. These are predominantly made from plastic, and often contain harmful chemicals and known carcinogens. Reusable pads are an easy to manage, cost effective solution! Durable and easy to care for - simply rinse in cold water after use, then pop in the washing machine! (Max 40 degrees, no fabric conditioner.) If you are out, just fold them and store in a wet bag or similar until you get home.


5% from the sale of this product will be donated to Bloody Good Period, to help support people experiencing period poverty.


RETURNS As these are hygiene products, we cannot accept returns unless the product is faulty. If any item is faulty, please photograph the product, and email us the photograph and a description of the fault within 7 days of purchase. All products are stress tested and photographed before they are mailed.