Eco Warriors Cards

Eco Warriors Cards

Eco Warriors Card: a game that encourages children ages 5-10 to fight climate change by adopting sustainable habits at home. Kids love the cards and so do parents as kids start to be more mindful of how they take care of their belongings and their home environment.


The cards are divided to 20 themes, each introducing an area in the home where children can adopt sustainable habits and fight climate change. Each theme uses rhymes to engage the children with the topic, explain why the changes are important and how they affect the climate. Each theme also suggests “Eco Warriors Actions”, these are the specific actions children can do at home.


The pack also has a reward chart and 30 biodegradable stickers, and children are asked in the instructions to reward themselves with a sticker each time they have performed an Eco Warriors Action.


The aim of the game is to:

Encourage children to adopt new sustainable habits at home

Learn how to help around the house.

The cards also aim to reduce the housework gender gap, and raise a new generation of caring, capable Eco Warriors.


The A6 cards are printed on recycled cardstock, the stickers are biodegradable, and the game is are packed in a compostable box, making it a fantastic eco-friendly gift for children either families new to the zero-waste journey or veteran families wanting their kids to be more involved.


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