Hydrophil Interdental Brushes size 0 = 0.40mm

Hydrophil Interdental Brushes size 0 = 0.40mm

These interdental brushes with a plastic-free handle are an environmentally friendly addition when it comes to everyday dental care. Together with a bamboo toothbrush, not just teeth and gums are protected long-term, but also our environment. They are cruelty free and vegan.


The naturally antibacterial handle is made from bamboo, and the bristles are BPA-free nylon attached to thin metal wire.


Hydrophil only use Moso bamboo to manufacture their interdental brushes. They do not use artificial irrigation, or pesticides or other chemicals. The bamboo is machined into the handle shape of the interdental brushes, polished and laser engraved. The wire is twisted with the bristle insert by machine which forms the brush head. Finally, the handle is combined with the head and packaged in a cardboard box.


Pack contain 6 brushes.


These are size 0 = 0.40mm. Other sizes will be available soon.