Eco Bathroom Starter Kit

Eco Bathroom Starter Kit

Kick start your zero-waste journey with our eco bathroom starter kit.
Gentle sulphate free shampoo bar for all hair types - the sulphate free shampoo bar is currently substituted with the original shampoo bar for all hair types due to ingredient shortages 
Toothpaste tablets with refillable tin (with or without flouride)
Bamboo toothbrush
Ecofloss twin pack
Bamboo cotton buds
Bath time loofah
The gorgeously gentle shampoo bar replaces multiple plastic bottles in your bathroom - not only is it your perfect sulphate free shampoo, it's also a luscious lathering body wash, and a natural hand soap! It is gentle enough to be used on all hair types. Above all, it is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and you won't find any plastic, palm oil, parabens, SLS, SLES or sulphates here!
Toothpaste Tablets are packed in a food-safe refillable and recyclable metal tin, approximately 1 months supply for one person. Made responsibly in the UK, these toothpaste tablets are 100% vegan and plastic free. Available in Fluoride-Free or Fluoride. Refills are available separately.
The Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush is available in adult or child size. Every part of the toothbrush is plant-based: bristles, handle, and box. The soft bristles are made from a base of 62% castor bean oil and 38% nylon, the handle is made from Certified 100% Organic Bamboo (certified by CERES of Germany) and the box is made from 100% paper with no tape or glue. USDA Certified Biobased. Green American Certified, vegan, BPA-Free, natural and non-toxic.
ecoLiving plant-based dental floss is made with 100% renewable resources (instead of crude oil), making use of a previously wasted by-product from the food industry. Our EcoFloss uses 80% fewer greenhouse gases than regular floss and is 100% vegan. Also contains No GMOs, No Palm Oil, cruelty free, and comes with plant-based packaging. And as an added bonus, there is a possibility to compost this floss in certain areas in your food caddy for industrial composting or at home - only if you have a HotBin. Generous 50m bobbins
100 compostable bamboo cotton buds. These cotton buds have a bamboo stick and come in this recycled paper box. Plastic-free bamboo cotton buds can be disposed of by simply throwing them into your organic waste or compost. Made by Eco Living of the UK - a water-neutral, vegan; fairtade company.
The plastic free bath-time loofah is skilfully hand-made from layers of natural loofah plant, stitched together to make a delightful heart shape. A 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic exfoliator pads. The bath-time loofah fits neatly into the hand and when immersed in water swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. It will last for months with normal use and when worn out can be composted.
Can be boxed and wrapped in brown paper with natural twine and a gift tag to make the perfect eco-conscious gift!

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    Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns our plastic free bathroom collection.

PriceFrom £20.00
Toothpaste tablets
Gift Box

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