Soap & Ladder Set

Soap & Ladder Set

Luxury cold pressed soap bars, lovingly made by the Natural Spa with their signature soap recipe containing skin loving oils, with a ladder style soap dish to drain your soap in between uses to help your it last up to twice as long. 

The Vegan-Friendly, SLS Free, Paraben Free, Preservative Free, Cruelty-Free and Palm Free formulation is designed to create a generous lather whilst being gentle on the skin. The simple yet eye catching design makes this ideal to have in your bathroom or perfect for a gift.

Wildflower Wisp Scent: With exotic but earthly tones of grapefruit partnered with a floral calming tone of wild lavender perfectly carried by sweet and fresh overtones of rose

Woodland Day Dream Scent: A rich woodlandy smell with claming undertones ideal to use before rest, subtle notes of petitgrain and sandalwood help to lighten the heavier scent of Pine. Enveloped with a deep and rich tone from the Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil. The Soap is scented and colored with coffee grounds which also provide a gentle exfoliant when used.

Breathe Scent: With Fresh uplifting tones of spearmint, perfectly complimented by the earthy aromatic tones of the eucalyptus, balanced by the wooded undertones of Rosemary.

Citrus Blossom Scent: Musky Citrus Base with sweet tones of Lemongrass and Orange

Into the Night Scent: Cooling Eucalyptus and Tea tree, to help you feel fresh and ready for your day.

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