All Earth Mineral Concealer

All Earth Mineral Concealer

Banish your blemishes and imperfections with this All Earth adaptive mineral concealer. Perfect for moisturising dry skin, our concealer can be added to our moisturiser, balm or serum to give satisfying gentle coverage. Or for the ultimate skin rebalance, colour correct and mask dark circles or age spots by mixing our mineral concealer with your personalised colour foundation. Combined with the use of a the All Earth blusher kabuki brush, this mineral concealer is also fantastic for illuminating face contours and boosting radiance. All Earth cosmetics are vegan friendly and made using only ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients that are not from child labour and not tested on or derived from animals. Their products are free of chemicals and pore-clogging ingredients, making them suitable and healing for sensitive and problem skin. Available in a beautiful bamboo pot for life which is 100% waterproof while closed and can be refilled from 100% biodegradable and recyclable refill pots. Or if you would prefer 100% plastic free, the single-use eco-pot is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Alternatively, you can buy the refills and use pots you already have at home. You might also like the All Earth Brightening Concealer (Light) Cream Tint

    Please note that the All Earth Mineral Cosmetics are subject to a dispatch delay of up to 5 days. If they are part of a larger order, the whole order will be held until complete.

    Delivery will be within 2-3 working days once dispatched.

PriceFrom £14.00

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