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Plantable Festive Gift Tags (Pack of 10)

Plantable Festive Gift Tags (Pack of 10)


These festive gift tags will never end up as landfill waste, unlike 99.9% of others used during the festive season. 


Available in a pack of 10, these gift tags come with 3m natural jute twine, so they can easily be attached to presents.  Even the packaging for these tags is kind to the environment – it’s made from compostable, bio-degradable vegetable starch.


Each Christmas tag is handmade in the UK, using paper made from pre-consumer waste cotton. Not only are they fully biodegradable, they can actually be planted to create a stunning display of poppies!


Instead of throwing this tag away, the recipient can plant, water and watch it bloom into a flourishing mini meadow; one that bees and other pollinators will love!


Each biodegradeable, plantable gift tag is 7.5cm in diameter.

1 design per pack.


You might like to pair these tags with matching Plantable Christmas cards and Cracker Kits.


Green Planet Paper is an eco-friendly, sustainable stationery company.  It specialises in a wide range of handmade, zero waste, recycled stationery products for the festive season, special occasions and events throughout the year.  

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