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Eco Friendly Travel Wash Bag

The summer has arrived, restrictions have been lifted, and there's a reasonable chance many of you will be off somewhere on your holidays soon. Whether you're off to a caravan at the seaside, camping in the New Forest, visiting relatives or flying abroad, you'll want to pack all of your eco essentials whilst still travelling light.

You'll have enough other things to worry about, so to make packing a bit easier for you, here are our top tips for packing your eco-friendly wash bag.

Did you know that a tube of toothpaste counts as a liquid when you take it in hand luggage on a plane? Toothpaste tablets are not restricted, and they come in a conveniently compact refillable tin you can pop in your wash bag. Or to save even more space, you can count out enough to last and pop them into a smaller tin, such as an empty lip balm. Just don't forget your bamboo toothbrush!

A tin of toothpaste tablets with flouride, with a smaller open tin containing a few toothpaste tablets on white floorboards

Shampoo bars take up less space than a bottle of shampoo, and you don't have to worry about them leaking! Our shampoo bars are sulphate free and certified for both hair and body, so you can save the space of two bottles with one bar! Lots of people find they don't need a conditioner with a shampoo bar, but if you like to use one, take a conditioner bar with you. (You might want to check out my blog post on how to use your conditioner bar as they can take a bit of getting used to!) Make sure they're dry and wrap them in a wax wrap or dry flannel to protect them in your bag.

For your face, a solid facial cleanser bar only takes up a tiny space in your wash bag compared to a bottle of face wash. You can decant a small amount of moisturiser into a smaller pot, or the All Earth 3 in 1 face cream comes in a smaller size which is perfect for taking in your holiday bag!

Cream deodorant can also be decanted into a smaller pot. You only need to use a tiny bit at a time, so a tin like the one in the picture should easily last up to a week. (Check airline restrictions for creams if you are taking your wash bag as hand luggage on a plane.)

Jar of tea tree and peppermint natural deodorant, next to a hand holding an smaller, open tin of the deodorant

If you're going for more than a few days and will want to shave whilst you're away, you can take a safety razor and shaving bar with you. (Bear in mind that a safety razor cannot be taken in carry-on luggage on a plane.) To save space in your bag, cut off a smaller portion of your shaving soap as you won't need the whole thing!

If you're taking your make up with you, the All Earth Minerals pots for life have a specially designed sifter that won't spill when the lid is on. Or if you need to save space, the samples in biodegradable packaging are a perfect size to last a few days, and the small kabuki brush will work as a travel sized foundation or blusher brush.

Three make up samples with a foundation kabuki brush

If you're planning to swim in the sea, don't forget to make sure your sunblock is reef safe.

So what do you think of our sustainable wash bag? An added bonus of the solid cosmetics is that if you are heading off on a plane, you won't have to worry about liquid restrictions in your hand luggage!

Are you heading off to somewhere nice this summer? What are your must-have products for travelling?

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