All Earth Mineral Samples

All Earth Mineral Samples

These lovely little 100% biodegradeable and recyclable sample pots are perfect if you want to try All Earth products before you commit. 





The highly pigmented loose powder foundation is versatile, comfortable to wear, and very long lasting. It can be applied dry, or mixed with cream, balm, water or serum to create a consistency that adapts to your skin type and requirements.There are 6 simple shades to choose from, which gently oxidise to match your skin tone, or you can mix the shades together to create the perfect bespoke shade for you.


Shade 1 is for very fair skin with pink undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)


Shade 2 is for fair skin with more yellow undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)


Shade 3 is for fair to medium skin tone with pink, peach or yellow undertones, which can tan easily (typically for people with blue or turquoise vein colouring)


Shade 4 is for olive/Mediterranean skin tones which can tan easily, or Asian/Eastern skin tones (typically for people with green vein colouring)


Shade 5 is for dark skin which can tan easily with ashy, peach or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)


Shade 6 is for dark skin which can tan very easily with red or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)





The mineral blushers come in two lovely radiant tones, a subtle glowy pink or a natural matt peach. Both colours are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.


Can be used as a Blusher on cheeks, as beautiful eyeshadow colours, mixed with a lip balm/gloss to add a touch of colour to your lips or you can even add a sprinkle to your foundation for extra subtle pink or peach undertone to your face if need be.





This beautifully toned bronzer has a radiant subtle shimmer to it to create lovely warmth, contour and lift to your face. It comes in just one simple shade as the tone can be adapted by how much you use. A little goes a long way so if you are after just a touch of warmth this bronzer will go on and on making it very cost efficient.


It has been designed to have the right undertones to suit any skin shades to add warmth for the winter and a sun kissed glow for the summer. It can also be mixed in with foundation or concealer to darken them if need be and used as an eye shadow or mixed with a lip balm/gloss to create a lip colour.





The beautiful illuminator is just enough to add a subtle and youthful glow and bring your face to life.

It can be applied to cheekbones and eye brow bone to enhance, inside of eye lids to open up the eyes or add a sprinkle to your foundation to create a dewy finish to your skin.


It is one of our best sellers as it is a great way to finish off your naturally radiant look.





Banish your blemishes & imperfections with this All Earth adaptive mineral concealer. Perfect for moisturising dry skin, our concealer can be added to our moisturiser, balm or serum to give satisfying gentle coverage.


Or for the ultimate skin rebalance, colour correct and mask dark circles or age spots by mixing our mineral concealer with your personalised colour foundation. Combined with the use of a the All Earth blusher kabuki brush, this mineral concealer is also fantastic for illuminating face contours and boosting radiance.





Add the perfect finishing touches to your foundation with this gentle mineral finishing powder.
This translucent matt powder allows invisible colour free control to oily or shiny skin, it is also a great product to control sweat.


It can be added on top of your foundation or you can add a sprinkle in with your foundation to create extra longevity to your make up, or it can just be used on its own.


    Please note that the All Earth Mineral Cosmetics are subject to a dispatch delay of up to 5 days. If they are part of a larger order, the whole order will be held until complete.

    Delivery will be within 2-3 working days once dispatched.


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