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Keep This Cracker - Six Reusable Christmas Crackers

Keep This Cracker - Six Reusable Christmas Crackers


Reusable, refillable Christmas crackers that snap like traditional crackers but separate into two parts without tearing. Simply pop into shape and refill with your own unique gifts. Replacement eco-snaps available here.


These sustainable, eco-friendly, refillable and reusable Christmas crackers from 'Keep this Cracker' come flat-packed and ready-made. Simply pop these reusable crackers into shape and fill them with your own special gifts. To reuse, pull out the old snap and fit a new one!


Each reusable Christmas cracker comes with a low-noise eco-snap so you can still pull your crackers as normal, just with a gentle pop - great for those with sensitive ears and pet-friendly too! But if you're all about the 'bang' then ‘Keep This Cracker’ works equally well with standard (noisy) snaps, available here in packs of 12.


Replacement eco-snaps are available here.


Each Pack Includes: 6 x flat-packed crackers, 6 x eco-snaps and 12 x recycled satin ribbons.


These come in a reusable card wallet, handy to store your crackers away for another day.


Designed and made in the UK




Low-noise eco-snaps (louder snaps sold separately here)

Printed in the UK using water/vegetable based inks


DIMENSIONS (when assembled): 11 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (area for gift), 28cm long

Only 4 left in stock

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