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Eco Warriors Cards Christmas Stocking Filler

Eco Warriors Cards Christmas Stocking Filler

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Eco Warriors Card: a game that encourages children ages 5-11 to fight climate change by adopting sustainable habits at home. Kids love the cards and so do parents as kids start to be more mindful of how they take care of their belongings and their home environment.


The Eco Warriors cards offer over 40 sustainable habits that children can adopt at home to mitigate climate change.


A fully eco-friendly production, with cards printed on recycled cardstock and biodegradable stickers.

There are 10 double-sided cards which cover 20 environmental topics using a rhyming poem to introduce the importance of the new habits.

In addition there is a reward chart with 30 biodegradable stickers, and instructions cards that encourage the children to adopt these habits and reward themselves with a sticker everytime they do something for the environment.
These simple actions help reduce eco-anxiety and prepare the children to leading responsible, mindful life.

To make the activity more fun, we have included a treasure hunt, so parents can hide the cards around the house and children can use the clues to find them.

For ages 5-11.

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